Solar Control films - Solar Shades


When sunlight is an occasional nuisance, solar shades or blinds are a more flexible solution than permanent window film. These roll-down window coverings have similar or higher protection from UV radiation, glare and heat build-up as window films, and a transparent visibility that textile material blinds can’t provide. They are the perfect protection against afternoon sun glare, and make it easy to work on a computer screen that faces the window.

Hanita’s shade films feature 

  • Up to 95% solar energy rejection, for reduction of heat gain and glare, ensuring a more comfortable environment, and less eyestrain.
  • 99% UV block, helping to protect against fading of furnishings, and skin damage

Hanita Coatings manufactures a range of reflective 2 ply solar shades suitable for use in embossed, pleated and vertical blinds. Available in rolls of 750’, 60” width, the standard range includes 

  • Silver/gray 02 and 08 VLT,
  • Silver/bronze 02 and 08 VLT
  • White opaque

Hanita also supports custom development of shade film in either 60” or 72” width, in 2 or 3 ply.