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Automotive FAQs

 Why should I install Solar Zone Automotive film? 

Apart from making your vehicle look special, automotive window film reduces glare, rejects heat, offers security and privacy and also helps conserve the interior cabin. 

 How does Solar Zone Automotive film help preserve my vehicle? 

The UV rays beaming from the sun are one of the prime causes of fading and deterioration of the car's interior, causing premature aging and weathering of upholstery, trim and fittings. Similar damage is done to our skin, which can lead to serious dermatological conditions. Solar Zone Automotive film acts as a barrier, preventing up to 99% of UV radiation from entering the vehicle's interior. This will not totally prevent fading and damage, which is also caused by a combination visible light, heat or humidity, but it will markedly delay deterioration of fabrics, plastics and leather. And of course, your skin deserves any protection it can get. 

 How does Solar Zone Automotive film make my car more comfortable? 

Passenger and driver comfort is another motivating factor in the decision to install automotive film. Window film can help control blinding glare from the sun and headlights by combining a reduction in visible light transmitted thought the windows with measured visible light reflectance. This reduces eyestrain, increasing comfort and making driving safer day and night. For maximum heat control, we recommend a high performance film such as Omega Plus that actively rejects up to 65% of solar energy. For a different cool gray or warm earthy appearance, Solar Zone's Solar Steel and Aura ranges of all-metal films also provide excellent heat rejection. The remarkable efficiency of these films is the result of a US patented production technology, which gives superb energy rejection, combined with low reflectivity. Higher solar energy rejection translates into lower temperatures, less air conditioning and lower fuel consumption, as well as more comfortable driving. 

 Does Solar Zone automotive film make my car safer? 

Solar Zone Automotive film can help hold together the small fragments of tempered glass that could be scattered if the window is broken, by stray stones or in the case of an accident. This lessens the risk of laceration and injury, and makes clean up and replacement much easier. 

 How long will my Solar Zone Automotive film last? 

The lifespan of automotive window film is dependent on the type of film used, the climate, the glass, and customer handling. Solar Zone Automotive films are made from top quality polyesters, stable production processes and superior adhesives that ensure that no bubbling, peeling or cracking will occur after professional application. The durable acrylic-based scratch resistant coating ensures that the films will withstand regular customer usage and cleaning with a soft cloth and warm water with a mild detergent.


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