Safety Zone Safety and Security Films


Hanita's Safety Zone films provide effective defense from glass fragments and splinters in the event of glass breaking. Shattered glass caused by natural disasters, terrorism, burglary or accidental breakage is a threat to us all, at work, at home, in public places. Safety Zone films offer protection from glass shards, shield from UV radiation, provide solar heat control (combined films), combat graffiti and answer the requirements of insurance companies for shop front protection.

Security films
4, 7, 8, 12 and 15 mil (100, 175, 200, 300 and 375 micron) clear safety films feature superb optical transparency, scratch resistant coating and good flexibility for ease of installation. Safety Films are also available for external (outdoor) use with a robust scratch resistant coating.

Safety Zone security films are supplied in 60" (1524mm) standard width, with many films also available in 36" (914 mm), 48" (1220 mm) and 72" (1830 mm).

animated-gifs-arrows   4 mil safety film helps promote glass breakage safety, providing greater protection against accidents with windows and sliding doors, increasing protection against flying shards in bomb blast situations.

  4 Mil Clear Xtra Safety film With tough scratch resistant coatings for exterior installation

  4 mil wipe-clean Anti-Graffiti film, developed to tackle the daily graphic abuse of the Paris Metro, excelling in spray resistance and wipability.

  6 mil Anti-Graffiti Xtra Easy removal, wipe clean anti-graffiti film for exterior installation

  4 and 6 mil Anti-Graffiti film with a cleanable surface that shrugs off spray paint and pen, a flexible construction that protects underlying glass, and quick-release adhesive for easier film replacement.

  7 mil security film: for increased protection against bomb blasts, when used with an anchoring system.

  8 mil security film: for use where glass is vulnerable to attack; anti-projectile.

  12 mil security film: increased security protection against break-in, bomb-blast, anti-projectile, natural disaster


15 mil security film: enhanced protection from break-in, bomb-blast, anti-projectile, natural disaster.  Ideal for use with Advanced Protection Systems such as the No-Bar anchoring system.

  New DuraView Clear Safety Window Graphics: Hanita Coatings has combined two areas of expertise into one product - window safety film that can be printed by solvent based wide format inkjet for stunning window graphics. The safety film helps provide a security solution for glass breakage by impact, collision, blast or natural disaster, whilst the printable surface provides tremendous graphic pop for internal and external viewing.

Solar/Safety Combination Films
Hanita Coatings offers a line of 5 and 9 mil Safety films that combine the strength of security films with the remarkable heat rejection and anti-glare properties of Silver and US-patented Cold Steel solar films:

  • Cold Steel: 5, 6, 10 mil
  • Silver 20: 4, 9, 12 mil
  • Matte: 5, 12 mil
  • Exterior, SR, Silver: 5 mil
  • OptiTune 30: 10 mil


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