Safety Zone Safety and Security Films

NEW! No-Bar Anchoring System

Hanita Coatings, in conjunction with its Israeli subsidiary Al-Sorag, has developed a highly effective mechanical anchoring system to increase the performance of safety and security window films. Whilst the Safety Zone 12 mil security film grips the glass fragments, the No-Bar Anchoring system secures the film to the window frame, maximizing the effectiveness of the film, and helping to prevent collapse of the window. 


12 mil Safety Zone Alone   12 mil Safety Zone Secured with No-Bar Anchoring system

Benefits of No-Bar:
  • Prevents forced entry
  • Replaces unsightly window bars or shutters
  • Increases blast protection
  • Suitable for most window and door frames, including facades, curtain walls and skylights.
  • Answers insurance and legal liability requirements
  • Aesthetic – color matched to existing frames.
  • Retrofit security solution, efficiently and non-disruptive installation
The No-Bar system is recommended for use in shop-front protection, high security institutions or public areas vulnerable to unrest or attack.

No-Bar withstands 830 kg TNT at 40 m


Further Advanced Protection 

Blast Resistance

No-Bar gained the recognition and recommendation of the Israel Defence Force in recent bomb blast testing trials. No Bar provided remarkable blast resistance from 830 kg of TNT from 40 meters, with a blast pressure of 13 psi, 100 psi/msec.

Hanita’s Israeli subsidiary Al-Sorag, offers advanced safety and security solutions for the toughest of security problems – bomb blast, break in, anti–fragmentation or anti-ballistic, using anchoring, cabling and retrofit modular systems.


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