Safety Zone Safety and Security Films


How Does Safety Zone Security Film Work?

Safety Zone safety and security window films adhere to the interior of the glass to act as protective layers to help secure shards and splinters if the glass should shatter. Safety film is manufactured from single or multiple layers of tough, optically clear polyester film laminated together in a variety of constructions. One side of the film is coated with an extremely powerful adhesive formula that is applied to the interior surface of the glass, whilst the exterior (room facing) side is protected with a special scratch-resistant coating.

Safety Zone

Safety Zone is manufactured in Israel, in the epicenter of the Middle East. These films are tried and tested - again and again. In Israel, the airports, malls, countless buses, schools and hospitals are secured by Hanita Safety Zone film. Tough, dependable, life-saving. Even where it's dangerous, it's good to know there's a Safety Zone.

Hazard Mitigation

The Safety Zone range of safety and security window film transforms the most vulnerable and threatening area of your home and workplace into a more secure environment. The installation of the right Safety Zone film can minimize the threat of glass related injury resulting from impact, collision, blast or natural disaster. 

  • In the home, 4 mil clear safety film professionally applied will generally protect a child who stumbles into a glass door, or smashes a ball through the window pane.
  • In the inner-city, where there is a high concentration of glass fronted buildings and shop windows, the threat of terrorist attack, vandalism and robbery demand the greater level of protection provided by 7, 8 and 12 mil Safety Zone films.
  • In areas in the shadow of potentially explosive sites such as oil refineries, gas tanks and industrial areas, Safety Zone 7, 8 and 12 mil security films can offer increased protection.
  • In regions where the potential for disaster originates from the natural threats of hurricane damage, severe storms or earthquakes, Safety Zone 12 mil security films can help save lives.

Safety Zone can help protect from injury and property damage by firmly adhering most of the broken glass to the film, minimizing the dispersal of fragments and splinters, saving life and protecting property.

Safety/Solar Combination Films SolarZone Safe - for energy efficiency and glass protection 


The Safety Zone range also includes films that provide significant solar heat control by rejecting infrared energy, contributing to energy efficiency and saving costs. Glare is also minimized, and hot-spots neutralized, increasing occupant comfort and productivity. These Safety Zone films also offer protection from the insidious effects of Ultra Violet radiation. UV radiation is the prime cause of fading of soft furnishings in the home or office, and a major cause of dermatological harm. Safety Zone rejects up to 99% of UV rays.


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